To access all my CSM contributions since early 2001, click  here.

To access my essays in Boston Review since 2001, click here .  They cover various Middle East issues, plus post-genocide issues in Rwanda.

To access many of my longer articles, including in footnoted form, look for links down the sidebar of my Just World News blog.

I did two stories for based on my Feb-March 2006 reporting trip to Israel and Palestine.  This one   is about the under-reported role that Hamas's women's networks played in bringing them their victory in the Palestinian legislative elections in January.   This one is about the political fallout in both Israel and Palestine from that victory .  It contains material from interviews I conducted with Hamas Chief Whip Mahmoud Ramahi and the pro-Likud, former Israeli Ambassador to the UN, Dore Gold.  To read either of those pieces, if you're not a subscriber, you'll need to sit through a small piece of advertising before they let you in to the full text.

The March-April 2006 issue of Foreign Policy, has a piece I wrote that challenges much of the current "liberal orthodoxy" regarding war-crimes trials.  That is a late-proof version of the article... Ignore the Latin and the blank spaces for the mag's ads. (The May-June issue included a lively exchange of correspondence related to the article.)

Back in January 2006 Boston Review put up on their website my contribution to a big "Forum" they had on Exiting from Iraq . Fellow contributors there include Sen. Joseph Biden , Sen. Russell Feingold, Barbara Bodine, Juan Cole, Randall Forsberg, and Nir Rosen...

In April 2005, the Boston Review published a long piece I wrote about Lebanon's Hizbullah.  You can access it or any of my other BR pieces--on Rwanda or the Middle East-- if you click here .

What follow are links to some recent article-length works that I have been able to get up onto the web at this point, grouped thematically.  I am still adding to this collection, as I 'mine' some of my writings of recent years.  Do please contact me if you have any queries, suggestions, or requests for other materials.

'Violence and its legacies' project (VAIL project):

Since late 2000, I've been doing a lot of research on ways societies have sought to deal with legacies of grave political violence. Some of my CSM columns have dealt with  aspects of this subject (see the links to all the columns below ).  But I have now also created a special section of this site for the VAIL project-- see the button for it to the left.

Some Mideast articles:

(See also my Mideast-related columns in the CSM , by clicking here .)

Ethics of overseas intervention:

In October 2001, I gave two public presentations at the University of Virginia, on different aspects of the ethics of current U.S. actions toward Afghanistan:
  1. On Oct. 9, I gave a presentation titled "Having an effect on vulnerable others" , as part of an evening panel discussion co-sponsored by the Middle East Studies Program and the Institute for Practical Ethics.  This presentation explored the proposition that strong nations considering interventions in very-low-income countries should consider adopting a 'Hippocratic-oath' approach to such actions, and some aspects of the 'punishment' issues underlying the intervention.
  2. On Oct. 19th, I co-led a discussion on ethical dilemmas in the whole question of humanitarianism and intervention.  

Christian Science Monitor columns and contributions on global affairs, since April 2001:

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